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Vergesst Dublin. Pfeift auf Folklore. SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA ist zurück mit ihrem brandneuen Album «UNIFIED»


Sandro Schmid (vocals, guitar, tambourine)

Mäsi Eigenmann (vocals, drums)

Rouven Rapp (electric bass)

Gabriel Eschenmoser (accordion)

Lorenzo Sirinzi (electric guitar)

Eva Wey (violin)


You are back from the «Empty Pub Tour»,
the first tour during the pandemic in Switzerland,
which the SAINT CITY ORCHESTRA through 8 locations
in Eastern Switzerland. Now the Irish folk punkers are surprising with the first single "To Your Honor", from the album "Unified" planned for autumn 2021.

When the Saint City Orchestra sings "Hooray, Hooray" out of their throats, they cheer with gratitude. "To Your Honor"
is a hymn to the everyday heroes of the pandemic,
who have achieved superhuman achievements during this history-making time.


«Of course we can clap on the balcony, attend charity events or donate money - but for us this has nothing to do with the extraordinary commitment.
which our everyday heroes have shown anew every day and continue to do so. " so the band.
A song for and for everyday heroes. The band would like to make a musical wreath for these people and are simply grateful for their commitment,
raise a pint of Guinness in their honor.

Despite the seriousness of the text, “To Your Honor” exudes the typical Irish joie de vivre and exhilaration. Shows so musically that even in times like they are lived through now,
happiness should be preserved.


"To Your Honor" was produced by Sascha Paeth (including Avantasia, Kamelot, Epica and many more)


Markus Prietl


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